My kids wanted to put their bathing suits on yesterday.  I was inside cleaning the house, and thought they were playing in the sprinklers.  I looked outside to check on them to find they had made a muddy pit in their sandbox.  And oh yes, they were playing in it.  Two thoughts came to my mind.  One was yuck!  Two was, I am cleaning the house!!  They will destroy everything I have worked so hard on.  Then, it was like Someone knocked me in the head, and the thought came to me, “You are only a child once.  Let them have fun.”  So I did and I captured these pictures of them.  I love their smiles.

Have a great day everyone and remember to let it go.



5 thoughts on “Mud

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  1. I love it. Only thing better would when you said hey they’re kids you only live once. I was hoping you jumped in too.
    Nice family terrific mom.
    My best to you

    1. I thought about it,then I remembered my house that I havenot cleaned in a few weeks. Oh well, maybe I will get to the point of jumping in mud soon.

  2. Oh wow! I used to love to make “mud pies” when I was little…Just look at that mud fortress! It’s awesome. I hope they didn’t track any inside the clean house. Did they rinse clean before entering? LOL

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