Rocky Mountain National Park

Sunday, we headed home from our whirlwind trip.  We had an eight-hour drive in the cards for Father’s Day, but as usual, we decided to take the longer route home.  What fun is to be had when you go the fast route?  Always, always take the long route.  The things you miss when you are in a hurry.  Sure our trip home took 15 hours instead of 8, but that is the way it goes.  Our kids are great on car rides, so this is never an issue. But the only way they have grown to love it is through practice.  Now they actually ask to take the long route.

On Sunday, we drove through Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.  So gorgeous, high, peaceful and crowded. Lots of people and buses which is usually not our style, but the park is worth going through.  Here is the proof.


Have a great day everyone, and remember to always take the long way home.



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  1. And Oldest Bit commented on the phone yesterday how great he thought it was to take this drive. “We saw tundra!! we have never seen tundra!!” His voice was so excited and awed! I think that it marvelous to get that excited about tundra and that makes it worth the extra miles.

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