Women Who Have Made a Difference in My Life

I have been thinking a great deal lately of the women I know or have known that have helped shape me into the woman I am.  I consider them mentors, even though they may not know this officially.  They are women who have taught me great lessons, who are examples, who have given me great advice and many of them do not even realize they have done this!  I have not thanked them, or told them I am thankful.

This is not a completely random thought.  I have been helping with a women’s group at church on Thursdays, and realizing that this is a group of women who are not in competition, they are all wanting to grow spiritually and mentally and it is our experiences that bring us closer together.  Our common thread is that we are women.  In fact we have called us “The Red Thread Group”.  There is an ancient Chinese proverb that says an invisible red thread connects the hearts of those who are destined to be together.  As women, we are connected.  As mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, lovers, working moms, professional women.  We are all common, and should show support for the decisions we make.  Whether it be to stay at home, to work, to breast feed or not, etc.  The group of women that is coming together at our church wants to learn from one another, and this is refreshing.

So I have been thinking of the women who have helped shape me, and I wanted to thank them.  You are my mentors.



She is back there, you just cannot totally see her. She hates her picture taken, and I know I will get a good scolding for putting her picture on my sight, but I will risk it.  My mother has had her fair share of hurts in her life, but she has overcome them.  She is brave, loving, and cares greatly for those around her.  Most recently my grandmother who passed away last winter.  I admire my mother for taking care of her day and night.  There was no gratitude ever spoken by my grandmother, only because she was not in her right mind, but I guarantee, she knows the love she received from my mother.  Thank you mom, for being such an amazing example of love.

My mother in law:

Thanksgiving 2010 004

No, I am not saying this to gain points or be in your will!  You are such an amazing example in perseverance, hard work and determination.  You have never mentioned being overwhelmed, or overworked even as you have watched your husband suffer from sickness and pain.  You try to maintain a positive attitude while you work your pants of for your career, children, grandchildren, husband and now a move. I do not know how you keep going, but thank you for your example.


Thanksgiving 2010 002

She is my husbands grandma, and a great one at that.  Lucille, thank you for being so calm.  I have never ever met anyone has calm as you.  You have taught me that yelling and getting angry are not worth the heart ache.  You have shown me how to support my husband and all of his crazy pilot dreams, and really there is no one who understands more than you do!  Us pilot wives have got to stick together, especially since we understand that this is truly their first love!  Thank you for showing me how to understand.


Italy 2013 (114)

You amaze me everyday!  I do not know how you can get so much done!  You are the master at schedules and getting tasks accomplished.  You have shown me that if you just sit down and do it, suddenly you have more time.  You take time for your family, friends, career.  You care deeply for your students and showed me how to become a better teacher, which helped me again when I began to teach at home.  I love you and thank you for being my friend.  I could not have imagined seeing Italy with anyone else!

Grandma Betty:


Oh grandma, I love you.  You have been a spiritual example to me since birth.  Your prayers, commitment to going to church, the love you have shown your family and continue to show inspire me.  You have always shown your love through cooking, and you are the one who has taught me to show the same in my home.  You are the glue that holds the family together, and I love you.

This is definitely not all of the list!  I have many more to share, and I will at another time.  I am so thankful for all of you I have mentioned today.  Each of you are amazing and have taught me so much, thank you.

Have a great day everyone, and remember to strive for togetherness, to remember those who have touched your life, and to be a mentor to someone else.



4 thoughts on “Women Who Have Made a Difference in My Life

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  1. You made my day! Thank you…you have taught me so much as well. To stop “doing” so much and slow down by showing others you care about them with a small card, call or hug. I thank you too for your friendship. Speaking of making time….we need to do lunch! Love ya!

  2. Suzy….you are so thoughtful. A mentor of mine from my High School days (Mr. Kubiak) passed away before I could thank him. I vowed to always thank my mentors, and there have been several, before they were gone. Most of my mentors, just like you mentioned never really knew they meant so much to me. Thanking them may have surprised them but I believe it made them feel their value and it certainly allowed me to express my gratitude and by doing that I legitimized my use of their knowledge and how they enriched my life.
    You my dear are a special lady. Mat married way over his head and you can pass that along….before he fires back at me, I agree to the same glorious bit of luck.

    1. Dan, You are to sweet! Thank you so much for what you said and for stopping by here! It means so much!

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