Separate but Still Together

We are staying around home today, but in separate places.

My little girl is upstairs working on art and singing from the top of her lungs “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons.  It is really funny as she is not singing any of the words right, but when she gets to Radioactive she screams it.


My musical child is playing his guitar, practicing “Hey Jude” by the Beatles.  This is funny and annoying because his teacher told him that The Beatles repeat the last part about 35 times, and asked my son how many times he was going to repeat it.  My son responded, “500!!!!”.  To be honest it feels like a thousand.


My oldest is sitting upstairs with a broken toe.  A very heavy drawer fell on his toe last night, and he has been in pain ever since.  He is complaining there is nothing to do, everything makes his toe hurt.  I tell him to read a book, but he says his toe hurts too much.  I am just letting him lay around.


And I am finally sitting down researching old recipes and trying to get my thoughts together for a possible cookbook.  We shall see.


Quiet, peaceful, but full of happiness.  Sometimes these days are much needed!

Have a great day everyone!



4 thoughts on “Separate but Still Together

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  1. Love this post – so cute. I can identify with multiple things happening at once!! Even though it can be hectic, we’re so blessed to have all this activity around us. 🙂

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