A Closer Look (At the Playhouse)


I wanted to show you a few more pictures and explain the layout of the new playhouse we are building.  Please do not look too closely as I am sure there are plenty of mistakes.  We do not claim to be professional carpenters.  What they do is hard work that requires a great deal of skill.  What we are doing is a great deal of trial and error, watching videos, calling my parents, my husband recalling his construction days and sitting.  We have spent a great deal of time sitting and trying to figure out what to do and how to make it safe.  My husbands degree was in engineering, so I know he has the skills.

We wanted to make it feel like a tree house, so we ended up building the structure off the ground on stilts.  These are 20 foot logs, that we tarred and cemented into the ground.  After building the floor and bracing the structure, I must admit, it is pretty darn sturdy!  No wiggling what so ever!

If you look at the boom box, which is what we have nicknamed it for now, you will see the two ends that look like speakers.  These are actually balconies.  The kids will have a ladder on one side, and a slide on the other.  The side with the slide will have a doggy door, which my husband is going through above.  Over each balcony will be beds for the kids to climb on and campout.  The other side with the ladder, has a door and a window.  So far, so good.

All we need is to roof, sheet, shingle, finish balconies, build ladder and side.  That is it! (I am being very sarcastic)  There is a great deal of work to be done, but I love working with my husband and kids.  It has been stressful, there has been yelling, but we work together pretty well.  Plus, the kids are so very excited to have a huge playhouse.

Have a great day everyone!



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