Wacky Weekend

Our weekend was fun an wacky.  As seen from the post before, it was also serene.

However, my kids brought the wacky with crazy art, games and pet birds.

First the game.  They had made up an alien game in which they tried to hatch alien eggs to populate their alien clans.  Here is a picture of an egg incubating.


My son really wanted to make it look as if it were levitating.  so He tied the egg up on a cabinet door  and then placed his light saber under it for the light.  Pretty darn clever, but also pretty darn weird.

My daughter decided she was going to make herself a hat.  I told her to use tape, but obviously she thought glue would work better.  Good idea, however, she put the hat on her head while it was still wet therefore gluing the hat to her head.


This picture is not very good, but hopefully you can get the idea from the white in her hair.  The glue was a pain to get out.

Finally, my middle bit has pet birds that he decided he would play with.  This is good!  But he let them out and decided they could roam free all day long.  I did not know this.  This is bad.  Later in the afternoon, we all, including me, decided to play in the sprinklers.  This is good.  My son asked if I could go get his swimming trunks, so I went upstairs, where I discovered an open cage.  This is bad.  I do not like being surprised by birds, and all I could think about was the bird poop around their room.  This is bad. Suddenly a bird flew over my head, and I had visions of the Alfred Hitchcock movie “The Birds“.

This is really bad.  I called my son upstairs to help find his birds, they were hiding.  Here is where we found the birds.


One was in the closet and one looked like on of the trophies on a shelf. As we tried to get them, they began flying frantically all over the room.  I will admit, I was screaming!  The thought of them pooping on my head, clawing me with their talons, which are very tiny, and pecking me with their beaks was not something I thought was fun.  Seriously, think “The Birds“.  I watched this movie when I was a child and it terrified me.  I really do like watching birds from afar, but this up close and personal thing was not cool.  My son kept laughing hysterically until he realized my screams were somewhat disturbing.  He stared at me as if I was the strangest person in the world and then said, “Mom, I got this.  Please leave the room.”  Any illusions I had before of being the brave mom who fixes all problems were crushed as I meekly left the room.  The rest of the day was spent with my son and I staring at each other off and on.  His eyes were filled with confusion and laughter.  Mine were filled with, “If you tell your father, you will be in trouble”, and embarrassment.

Thankfully, my husband and I had a date night and everything calmed down and everything was good again.

I hope your weekend was fun and full of wacky memories.



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    1. Thanks! My kids are very creative. I love to watch and listen to what they are up to. Always brings a smile!

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