Do you Ever Feel Like You are Doing Everything Wrong?

I do.  In fact this is how I have felt for the past few weeks.

It seems as though whatever I do, someone has something to say.  I stay home with my kids, “When are you going back to work?”  I home school, “I do not think that is healthy for your kids!”  I try to make amends, “Try harder!”  “Do better!”  I couldn’t breastfeed “That is why your children have allergies!” I let my children run, “You need to do better at controlling them!” Ugh!!!!

The crappy thing is, I have this part of me who listens, and takes everything to heart.  I personalize it so much that I begin to think I am doing everything wrong.  The voices that are telling me I am doing great, I cannot hear.  I deny their existence and say I must do better until I break.


I have realized in the past few days, that the people who are telling me what I should be doing are just concerned or are unhappy with the way they have chosen.  What we have decided to do as a family is different for others to understand.  They worry about me, my children and my husband.  But for goodness sake!  Enough!  I am so tired of being compared to other women and families.


Each and every one of us have our gifts. That is what makes this world work!  If we all had the same qualities, then think of how boring it would be!  There is a place for stay at home moms.  There is a place for mothers who work.  There is a place for home school.  There is a place for mainstream education.  I know it is scary, but we can get along.  We do not have to make everything into an issue.


Slowly, I am coming to the realization that I cannot take comments like these to heart.  I am one woman, who will make mistakes.  Some will be big, some small.  Sometimes, I will do things well.  But enough comparing about which way is right!  We are all out for one thing and that is the betterment of ourselves and our families.

Take heart if you feel this way.  Remember your decisions, stick firm and support your friends in theirs.  If they ask for your opinion, give it, but be caring, loving and encouraging.  We must encourage always, and grow in understanding.  By doing so, we change the world.

Have a great day everyone!



3 thoughts on “Do you Ever Feel Like You are Doing Everything Wrong?

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  1. Wonderful advise. Make sure you take it yourself. You can seek advise from others but in the end, you have to way your options, feeling, knowledge, and make your own decision/choice.

  2. Suzy if you change for anyone but yourself, I will quit reading your wonderful, full of life amazing stories of your life and family.

    I think you are different in a good way and I not only get a kick out of your quirky ways I love hearing your wisdom and laugh at some of the family fun you have and enjoy watching you allow your kids to experience life, its amazing how you keep a watchful eye on them without smothering. You definitely are a teacher.

    1. You are too sweet Dan. It has been a crazy few weeks, and I got kind of tired of everyone putting in their two cents. I am so glad you stop by here often! I love seeing your responses. Thanks so much for the encouraging words.

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