I am Not a Robot

I feel like a clone, but I assure you, am not.  As I look at my blog, I realize that I am like so many others who write blogs.  I home school, I own an Etsy shop, I like to travel, I like to cook, I have adopted a child, and I am a Christian.  You can go to thousands of blogs and pretty much experience my life, but see a different name and face.

What makes me different from the rest of you in blog land?


Except maybe for the fact that all the above activities are done for simple reasons.

I do not home school to try to prove a point to the world.  I do not have a beef with the educational system in America.  I do not want my kids separated from others for religious purposes.  I just want my family to be together as one unit.  Learning to love through different family changes.

We  chose to adopt simply because I could not have any more children.  We chose China because my brother-in-law is first generation Chinese American and my nieces are half Chinese.  Our daughter would not feel completely different from the rest of our family.  I did not have an adoption agenda in which I wanted to save kids from all over the world.  However, saving our daughter from despair is a byproduct of our decision.

I own an Etsy shop because I wanted something to do when I quit my job.  Being a stay at home mom was a huge move for me.  I have worked since I was 15, and when I married I became pregnant really fast and we moved around so much I could not work.  I was so happy to become a teacher and again be back into the work force until the adoption when it rocked my little world.

I can travel simply because my husband travels so much for work.  We are not rich and can afford these amazing trips.  But we are blessed to have great family who are willing to take our children while we experience honeymoons.

I like to cook because it was a challenge to learn.  I asked my grandma, who is an awesome cook, if she could teach me for my Christmas present. She replied, “How many Christmas’s you think I got left?”  I was that horrible at it!  But I wanted to learn. It was a challenge.

I am a Christian because I have been changed by love and forgiveness.  I have experienced amazing Love and have seen miracles.  But I will not condemn the choices of others.  I will not tell anyone their sin is greater than my own.  I will choose to love when I do not understand.  I will choose to seek understanding instead of ignorance.

You see on the surface, my blog and interests may seem to be just like all the others.  I may seem to be a robot or a clone.  But my life is simply different.  Here, you will see bits of simple life, with no agenda other than to share with others what I have found out on this crazy journey.

Plain and Simple.

Have a great day everyone, and remember your simple life can make a big difference in this world.



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