Taking it as Slow as I Can


Life moves quickly. Kids grow up too fast.  But I cannot make either of these go more slowly no matter how much I want to.

Instead, I am trying to be in the moment more.  Take notice of the funny things my kids say, which by the way is all the time.  Truly listen to them and not crush their dreams.  Sit down and watch that football game with my husband.  I like football, just not his choice in teams.  Sit and look someone in the eyes as they confide in me. I have a habit of thinking of all the things I need to get done while someone is talking.  Putting my phone down, and seeing what goes on around me.  I have taken Facebook off my phone because it was too distracting.

By trying to slow down in the moment, I have realized what I have missed.  Life.  Not life seen through small updates, but conversations.  Moments that I can savor. Relationships that I can nurture.

The photo above is an example of what I would have missed if I were focusing on the crazy traffic.  The drivers around were cutting people off and I almost fell into the crabbiness of the evening rush.  My kids were talking about their Karate class, and I caught myself getting irritable with them. They had nothing to do with the traffic, they were not even aware of how the people in front of me were missing the green light because they were being nice and letting others merge.  Oh, that drives me crazy.  Can’t they see I want to get home.  As I stopped at the same light for what seemed the hundredth time, I became aware of the awesome sunset.  The realization that I will not always have the chance to hear my kids talk about the fun they had, and see such an amazing sight.  The photo is not great, but the moment will be forever etched in my mind.

Have a great Monday and a wonderful week everyone.  Take it as slow as you can.

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