On the Anniversary of the Gettysburg Address

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In November, November 19, the anniversary of the Gettysburg address was celebrated.  I thought this was the perfect opportunity for home school.  We watched the history channel, we listened to the speech, and then we read the speech.  As an extra fun touch, I showed them pictures of Abraham Lincoln, and asked them to make costumes.  When their costumes were complete they recited the famous speech.  I had so much fun listening and seeing their different interpretations of Abraham Lincoln.  Middle Bit chose no beard, Oldest Bit of course chose the beard, youngest bit chose a bow tie and made a hat that seemed to have no end.

To find out what happened on each day in history you can go to the History Channel, and it will give you important historical facts as well as dates for the week.  This will help you plan for history curriculum.  I have used it everyday, and we have loved it.  For instance, on this day in 1947, A Streetcar Named Desire, opened on Broadway.  I think I might try to find this play for the kids to watch.  Have fun with history!  This will make it more exciting for your kids and will develop an appreciation for day-to-day events.



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