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Over the Thanksgiving holiday, we had my husband’s family out to visit.  I think the last count was 17 people in our house.  Eight of those people being kids.  Can you say crazy?  It was a blast and I am so glad everyone came.  The weather was beautiful so we decided to put up a slackline between two of our trees.  This slackline ended up being a family affair, and I was busy laying on the ground taking pictures of the kids and the grownups attempting this feat.

Pictured above is my oldest son.  He had so much fun that day trying to figure out how he could beat his cousins.  We are a competitive family.  As I was looking through his pictures, I realized he was hanging on to a rope and being assisted by his aunt.  Later on that day, he was able to do most of the slackline without hanging onto a rope.  Forgive me if I get all choked up, but I realized he is coming to that point in life.  He is still hanging on to me, but very little.  He is ready to go, but I have to realize he needs me to make sure he is free. I have to encourage, love and be his cheerleader as he starts to loosen his grip.  Oh, I want to hold on tighter, but I cannot.  I have to allow him to try things.  Maybe he will fall, maybe he will not.  My baby is growing up.  How joyful, yet it makes me a little teary eyed.

Have a great day everyone!



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