What we are Doing Differently


I have always hated new year resolutions.  With that being said, the new year always seems like the best time to start something new.  Mr. Bits and I have talked for the past few months on how we can do things differently at home.  One in particular keeps coming up; television time.  For a while now, we have had a habit of turning on our television in the evening and watching instead of being productive.  What I mean by being productive is hanging out with our kids.  Actually hanging out with them instead of on the computer, television, not speaking with them, but sitting there with them.

This does not mean we got rid of our television, oh no!  We enjoy watching sports and Alaska’s Last Frontier way too much. However, during the week we have made a conscious effort to not turn it on.  In fact, this has spilled over into the weekends as well.  We allow the television on during the weekends, but we are finding we would rather be outside or working on a project that needs to be done.

So in the evenings now, after basketball, boy scouts, or karate is over, we pull out a board game and play it with the kids.  During this time, we are not worried about anything else except for having fun and hanging out with our kids.  We take our time putting them to bed and have begun reading them novels at night.  Right now we are on Johnny Tremain.

After the kids are in bed, Mr. Bits and I have begun doing a few last-minute business things together.  We are trying to grow my business this year, as a team.  Then we snuggle in bed together and read books.  We have always enjoyed reading, but last year, we allowed the television to be on way too much!

Television is not evil.  I am not saying this at all.  But it is a time sucker.  With all this being said, our family still enjoys sitting around together and watching a good movie or a funny show.  But these are no longer at the forefront of our lives, and I must say, I like this change.

Have a great day everyone!

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  1. I definitely need to read more, and spending time having a game night would be fun. As my kids are getting older it seems like we are all going in different directions a lot.

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