I’m Hip, I’m Cool

Oh last night was crazy!  All day long the kids were  looking forward to watching their favorite team in the Super Bowl.  They are finally at the age that they can appreciate watching the game, and not be so picky about the food.  It was just the kids and I, since Mr. Bits was out of town, but we were still excited.

The game started and we quickly realized that it was not going to be fun.  Not only did the Broncos do horribly, but my kids got bored in the first quarter.  Then the unthinkable happened!  We turned the channel to the puppy bowl!  The Puppy Bowl!!!  I will admit that this was more interesting to watch.  Way cuter players and way more action!

However, I told my little bits that I wanted to watch the half time show!  Bruno Mars and The Red Hot Chili Peppers! Holy cow, I was excited.  I was not disappointed either!  Truly the highlight of the game.  Couple of things I observed about my age though.  One, my kids were baffled by the Red Hot Chili Peppers!  “Who are they?” “They look old!”  Oh I am so happy for YouTube!  I had a blast showing them my favorite band from junior high days.  I also enjoyed watching them begin to like them as well.  They may be old but they still got it!  Thank you for helping me relive my childhood!


Now, onto Bruno Mars!  Oh Bruno, I just love you!  Now, your performance really sent me back to my grade school days, when my dad would turn on his eight tracks of James Brown, Wilson Picket and the Temptations.  I also remember having to watch all the old specials of these awesome guys perform.  And again I found myself saying, “Wow he looks just like James Brown!”  and “Wow, that was a James Brown move!”  And again, my children asked, “Who is James Brown?”

Well to watch a performance go here:  James Brown.


There are some similarities!

In any case, I loved showing my kids memories.  I really loved how they became aware of other music and where todays musicians look to for inspiration.  And I truly enjoyed my kids saying, “That was really cool mom!”

Thankfully, I still got it too.

Have a great day everyone!

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