Encouraging Kids to Create

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My kids are extremely creative.  Always have been.  They see something in their minds, try to create it, get frustrated, leave it, and go and try a new project.  I have a bunch of have done projects lying around, and a bunch of completed projects.

One big thing I have realized over the years is to let it go.  Let go of the mess.  Let go of trying to keep work organized.  Let go of telling them how I think they should create.

Let. It. Go.

I realized that I was trying to control their creativity.  Including the cleanup time.  Including set up time.  These times are a part of their creativity.  I had to let go, and watch, sometimes in agony, how they chose to set up their art space.  How they chose to place the paints back into the storage.  Now, as long as the paintbrushes are clean, the paint is closed tightly, and things are somewhat where they should go, I am okay.  Sometimes, I choose not to watch because my type A personality comes into play, and I feel psycho mom coming to the surface.

Since, I have made a conscious effort to not freak out and control, I notice my kids feeling more creative.  Feeling the need to express themselves, whether it be with art supplies, legos or even a cardboard box.  I enjoy their ideas, and love getting creative with them.  By encouraging them, I am encouraging myself to be creative and try new things, regardless how messy it can get.

Yes, it does require some cleanup, extra effort, and your own expectations to be put aside, but it is all so very worth it.

Have a great day everyone!



2 thoughts on “Encouraging Kids to Create

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  1. I am so with you! I hate the mess but it comes with the territory. And loving those crayons you made, that’s been on our to-do list but haven’t had a chance to yet.

    1. The crayons were fun and easy to make! Just be sure to line your muffin pan with foil cupcake papers or foil itself. Thanks for stopping by!

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