The Cost of Going Slow


I have been deliberately trying to savor every moment lately.  It seems that we all try to “live in the moment”.  But how does one really live in the moment? You don’t.  You instead have to learn how to change your mind-set.  Living in the moment doesn’t just happen.  It takes work.  It takes a decision on your part to truly be present in the moments you have been given.  It is a daily struggle.

Face it, most of us cannot afford to miss work, ditch everything to go and explore.  So how do we common folk take advantage of the moments given us?  How do we go slow, enjoy our kids, family and life?

I have read this wonderful book “One Thousand Gifts a Dare to live Fully Right Where you Are” by Ann Voskamp and it is slowly changing my way of thinking.  I like this book because it is not some self-help idea book, but instead she tells us about her epiphany and how she slowly changed.  It was not over night.  It was not a program to follow.  It was learned and it was work.

“One Thousand Gifts”  has challenged me to give thanks in every moment to live fully right where I am at.  It is a discipline, it is learned. The book talks of her challenge to live her life fully in whatever she is doing at the moment.  And while reading her journey, you discover that her life is very similar to your own.

But the cost is a discipline that I must learn to be grateful for as well.  And that is the amount of daily chores that have been slowly building up.  In the midst of trying to be in the moment with my children and being grateful for this short time given, my other interests have suffered.  Housework, not getting done efficiently.  Cooking, more frazzled.  Blogging, not as consistent.  Etsy store, having a difficult time posting new items.

But is this really a cost?  Do I really have to sacrifice all other things for the sake of enjoying my children?  I do not think so. I must continue to learn how to live in every moment, and be thankful for the moment I am in.  Right now, I am blogging, and I am thankful for the readers who take time out of their day to listen to me ramble.  I am thankful that I can reach out to the world and help others.  I am thankful for the opportunity to bring humor or inspiration to others.  But the cost is my children must wait their turn to be helped on math.  But is this really a cost?  They are learning how to be patient, and that mommy cannot be there at every moment.  They are learning to take their time and apply themselves fully in their task of learning math.

You see, it is a deliberate learning of how to be fully in every moment, no matter what you are in.  Yes, I can multi task and be scattered, but am I doing any one task particularly well?  No.  My heart is never in it.  I can never really express myself and help if I am thinking about the next thing.  “On every level of life, from housework to heights of prayer, in all judgment and efforts to get things done, hurry  and impatience are sure marks of an amateur.” (Evelyn Underhill, The Westminister Collection of Christian Quotations)

I do not want to be an amateur.  At anything.  I want to truly live every moment.  Even the ones that include ironing, which I hate.  I want to find the thankfulness in the mundane.  I want to live.  I want to love.  I want purposeful.

So as I am finding, there is no real cost to living this way.  There is only benefit.  Lessons to be learned on all sides.  This living slowly and deliberately takes work.  A great deal of work to change a lifetime of decisions that I have made, but I know it can be done.

Have a wonderful day everyone!



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