My Daughter, Who is Now Eight


Little Bit turned eight last week!  I cannot believe we have had her for four years and how big she is getting!  When someone tells you that time flies when your kids are small, please believe them.  I never did, until recently when I look at all three of them and wonder where the time went.

Little Bit has grown into quite the little lady.  She loves art, her little bear, and simply hanging out with her family.  She gets concerned when one of us is misplaced and watches the clock until they get home. When we are all together, you can hear her sigh in deep relief and see her physically relax.  Big difference from four years ago when she would lash out in anger because of her anxiety. She has come so far in learning how to cope, show her love and be happy.  Big things to learn for such a little girl.  Brave.

We threw her a big surprise party at our church.  Her birthday fell on the Lantern Festival, which marks the end of the Chinese New Year.  To celebrate her and her Chinese heritage, we decorated the hall of our church with lanterns and the color red.  Had an amazing red velvet cake, and greeted her with everyone singing Happy Birthday.  The look of surprise was priceless!  Too bad I forgot the camera!  But I am a little glad I did, because instead of worrying about pictures, I participated fully in experiencing joy with her.  All day long she would not stop hugging me telling me she loved me.  Another big change from four years ago.  We have grown up together her and I, and I love her dearly.

Later that night she came home and opened presents.  You can see the joy on her face.  She had the same joyful look when we placed her in her bed that evening as well.  She is our little girl who has brought us so much joy, and I am so thankful she came to our family.

Happy Birthday Little Bit!

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