The Zoo


I have a love/hate relationship with the zoo.  I love to see all the little kids excited to watch animals they would never get a chance to see out in the wild.  I love to hear my own children grow up and say that the zoo is cool, but sometimes it is sad to see the poor animals in a cage.  I love the fact that zoos promote education and understanding for so many.  I love the fact that it is a safe place for endangered animals.

But the flip side?  I hate to see children climbing fences.  I hate to see these poor creatures pacing back and forth wanting to eat these children.  It is like teasing a dog with a tasty morsel.  I hate to see women wearing high heels at the zoo.  Come on moms, it is the zoo, not a fashion show.

We had a great time at the zoo last week, and I will say it was the most enjoyable visit yet.  The kids carried their own backpacks, I did not have to worry about my kids running off, and they all listened to the docent and stayed close.  So great!  But unfortunately, I had to watch other kids.  I actually saw a girl almost over the grizzly bear fence and NO PARENT WAS THERE TO STOP HER!!!!!!  Sure there was a big ravine in between the bear and her, but if she were to fall, that bear would have been down there in a heartbeat.  I placed my hand on her and told her to get down, and at first she said no!  So I gently picked her up off the fence and placed her on the ground.  STILL NO PARENT WAS THERE!!  I hung around for a little while to make sure she was not going to do it again and that a parent would show up, and finally one did.  I did not say anything because I know we have all been overwhelmed at some point with our children.  I must say again, how happy I am that my kids are older and I do not have to run around ragged to keep up with them. I left hugging my kids for the stage of development they are in.  Yes, the teenage years are approaching which brings issues all their own, but thank you God, that my kids do not climb bear fences in the zoo!

Have a great day everyone!



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