A Little Home School Update


We are still going strong on home school for this year, but I must admit it is getting more and more difficult to motivate these kids, and me, to actually complete school.  This definitely reminds me of my middle school teaching days, and the closer we got towards the end of the year, the attention spans became smaller and smaller.  Had to think of fun ways to keep the kids engaged and wanting to complete their assignments.

My husband and I got creative by creating these charts or graphs.  The kids are required to complete these assignments before the weekend, or there is no television or game time.  Oh boy, these have saved our bacon.  We really do not have to push them to finish.  We just remind them that the weekend is coming up, and wouldn’t game time be so much fun?  Or watching Dr. Who would be a blast to catch up on, and bam, they are finishing assignments.  Saves a whole lot of frustration.

The kids are doing great and we have decided to do this for at least another year.  Our mantra is taking it year by year.  We have settled in to a nice routine, and the kids have friends that are over all the time, and they are in so many activities.  Not worried one bit that I have ruined their socialization or their lives too badly!

Blessed we have this opportunity!

Have a great day everyone!



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