Windows are Open and the Cat Wants In


I love springtime.  We finally get to open the windows and let all the fresh air into the house.  We need that fresh air because it seems like we have had some of the wall sicknesses this year, and the cool breeze blow out all of that stuff.

But with the windows open comes all sounds of nature wafting in.  We love these sounds, and one day heard our little cat meowing loudly.  I went to check on her, and there her little head was trying to get our attention at the window.  She was jealous to hear our fun I guess and wanted inside.

Sorry little cat, you are a barn cat.  But you are still very cute.

Hope you all are enjoying your spring!



2 thoughts on “Windows are Open and the Cat Wants In

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    1. I feel ya! We had great weather for a while then all of a sudden it snowed. Trying to be happy for the moisture, but man I got used to the warmth!

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