Ukrainian Easter Eggs


A wonderful woman from my church came over Friday and taught us how to do the art of Ukrainian Easter Eggs.  She brought over all of her tools, special dyes and eggs that she has done in the past.

First, I want to say thank you to her.  This was no small feat!  She was here for about 8 hours, and I am sure she could have been here longer.  Patience is a must if you want to create these eggs.  Also, you must get rid of your perfectionism, because if you make a mistake, you must be creative enough and forgiving of yourself to create a design from your mistake.

Little Bit had the most fun creating.  She sat still for most of the time making her designs.  Middle Bit enjoyed it, but was easily distracted.  Oldest Bit was too much of a perfectionist to carry an egg through.  He just had one too many mistakes for his flavor and could not think outside of the mistake.  I had a great deal of fun watching their personalities come through on their eggs and how they were responding.

Warning:  Creating Pysanky can become very addicting!  If you want to try it, you must be willing to take an entire day and have fun talking with great friends and watching your children’s creativity shine through!

Hope you all had a very blessed Easter!  I will be posting pictures throughout the week of our fun and crazy time.



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    1. Yes definitely for older kids, but as I have seen on your blog, your little man is creative so he will love this activity.

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