Easter Adventures

This family of mine never has a dull moment.  It seems like we are a ball of energy, and then something happens to remind us that we need to pay attention.  Go slow, live and pay attention.


The week leading up to Easter was like that.  Funny how our expectations always come out around holidays.  We place so much pressure on ourselves to make the holidays memorable.  We must make fun Easter gifts, plan out the best meal and have the most fun activities.  Really all that is needed is to be with each other.  The more activities there are, the more we are drawn away from what truly matters most around holidays.  Love, worship and family.

My expectations of the week were a little over the top.  With my husband gone, I thought I could go to every church service, plan out all the details, follow through with everything and still carry out the home school and business.  Guess what, I did do most of it, and ran myself a little ragged.  But then, on Saturday evening, I realized why I needed to sometimes let go of the expectations on myself and focus on my family, and the reasons why Easter is so very important.


We went to Easter Vigil services, which the boys were acolytes in.  Beautiful service.  After the service, our church has a break the Lenten fast party.  There is champagne and lots of yummy food.  I was having fun talking with friends when my son came up and asked if he could try one of the cookies.  Well, as we all know, he has severe food allergies.  I told him we needed to ask the person who made them what was in them.  We asked, and there was nothing that sounded the alarms. Sugar cookies coated in sesame seeds.  So I gave him the green light.  Two minutes later, he came up to me and said he could feel his throat tightening up.  I kept him calm, and gathered up our family and Mr. Bits and I looked for the Benadryl that we always leave in the car.  Turns out, one of the kids had taken out the Benadryl because they could not find it in the house.  It was not an epipen situation yet, but we were a little nervous.  As Mr. Bits drove, we worked hard at calming our sons nerves.  The moment he panics, the allergies are sure to become worse.  I looked up sesame seeds, and found out that if one is allergic to tree nuts, chances are one would be allergic to sesame seeds.  They are not related, but somehow they have similar oils.

Thankfully we made it home, drugged him up and then we stayed up until 2 am monitoring his condition to see if it would get worse.  Praise God it did not, but during the time awake, I did do some thinking.


We are never going to be the easy going family who does not draw attention to themselves.  I was never one for making a scene, but it seems that I have a family who is always making a scene.  My expectations of a holiday free from stress need to be buried.  Everywhere we go, we can never let down our guard.  We must be the parents who constantly ask about the food.  I must answer questions about my daughter being adopted.  And I must continually tell my middle son to stop jumping from things and deal with his scraps and cuts. My husband will have to leave town at the most inopportune times.  Nothing will run smoothly.  BUT THAT IS OK!  That is the beauty of my family.  I believe God gave me this family to demolish my expectations, to see that He continually keeps his promises even through crazy difficult times.  He wants me to enjoy every moment with them.  Yes the traditions are important and give the children memories of holidays, but really what they will remember is that their parents were there, sitting back and enjoying our time together.  Savoring every moment together, being joyful.


I am so happy I have this family.  Do not know why I got so lucky, but I did.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter.



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