Red Thread



“There is an ancient Chinese belief that an invisible, unbreakable thread connects all those who are destined to be together.” The Red Thread by Grace Lin

When we adopted Maggie, this was one of the fun sayings that we heard.  In fact, we were even given a red thread by a friend to remind us that we are connected with Maggie from the heart.  A beautiful, wonderful belief.

Since the adoption, I have joined (founded actually) a group of women that call ourselves the Red Thread group.  Every Monday afternoon, women of all ages come together and read a book that will help us find out more about ourselves, God and society.  During this time, our priest who is also a woman, takes our children and teaches them for two hours with some wonderful volunteers.

What I love about our group is that we are not all mothers of young children, and not all of us are even mothers.  Some have children that are in their thirties, some have newborns, some are like me with children who are middle ages, some are waiting or have never had children.  Some women are in their 80’s, some 60’s, some 40’s, 30’s.  Unfortunately no 20’s yet.  We are women of every circumstance.  Stay at home moms, working moms, women of divorce, widowed, lesbian.

Yet somehow, it works.  Somehow, when we begin talking, our minds open and we feel love and respect towards each other.  There are no feelings of resentment.  There are no “Well you are a stay at home mom, you have all the time in the world!”  Or “You are a working mom, you would not understand how it is at home.”

There are just women, joined together by a single red thread, loving and caring for one another.  Building each other up.

One of the things I love most is hearing the stories of the women who have experienced a great deal of their life already and give such amazing wisdom to us “young ins”.  But just as they give us wisdom, they have their eyes and hearts opened to those struggling with being different ad gain new wisdom.  We are open, love, trust and most importantly friends.

No phones, no distractions, just women coming together to speak truth and love.  How can we change the world, by remembering to be open to listen to others, to love no matter the circumstances, to love others who are different.

All women are joined by this thread.



(If you want to know more about how I started this group, email me at  I will be happy to discuss what we have read so far for a group that you may want to start as well.)






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