Wednesday Weekly-Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


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Instead of the standard food post this week, I have decided to do a craft post.  This is because I have been using my kitchen mostly for crafting this past week, or seeing crafts my children are brining home from their play dates.

Here is a warning though!!!!! If you happen to be my mom, my mother in law or my grandmother in law, do not read this!!!! It does contain the craft I did for all of you for Mother’s Day!  Stop Now.  Really, I am sending them off today!

Okay, let’s show some pictures of projects my children have brought home, that I think any mom or grandmother would love to get.


These were made with the following supplies:

Cupcake wrappers regular size and smaller

Patterned cardstock cut into flowers and a capital M

Hershey Kiss

A cup

Long skewers

Flower arrangement Styrofoam

Bows of various colors

Hopefully you can see by the pictures how they were made.  But I will do my best to explain.  Take the cup and place at the bottom some of the Styrofoam. Tape the “M” on to the cup. You are now done with the first task.  Easy!  Then take regular and small cupcake wrappers and glue the smaller into the regular sized.  Glue the Hershey Kiss in with tacky glue.  Now take the cut out flowers, and glue the cupcake wrappers in the center.  Finally take the skewer and tape it to the flower.  Place the skewers into the Styrofoam and you are finished.


This uses left over flowers vases that you can get at thrift stores or if you have them lying around the house.  Potting soil, some sort of drainage material that is placed at the bottom, flowers and any kind of embellishments you may want to use.  This particular vase used a synthetic bark as the drainage, then the soil was placed in the vase along with the flower.  The embellishments my daughter used she simply placed around the flower, and there you have a beautiful, heart warming gift.


Now, for the crafting I did.  My son and I went to the store and found small inexpensive photo albums.  I had him pick out the colors.  As you can tell he likes bright colors.  Next, I printed off three pictures of each child, and three of all of them together.  I placed them on every other page, leaving one page blank to place our hearts in.  On each heart, I wrote down what the kids loved about each grandma and placed these hearts next to their pictures.  This way, the grandmothers would know what child said what about them.  At the end of the photo album, I placed the three pictures of all of them together, the last page containing the best picture.  On the other two blank pages, I placed one heart with what I am most thankful for about them, and then my husband did the same.

The project is a very personal and meaningful one that I am sure any mom would enjoy.

Here is to making your mothers feel extra special!



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    1. The photo album was really fun to do! Hearing what the kids had to say about each of the grandmothers was so sweet.

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