Our Newest Project

Because this family needs another project!  Not really, but the outdoors is calling us, and I do have a huge idea that we are working on.  I can share our garden details, but not the rest.  We are excited and nervous all at the same time, but we know it will be amazing.

This is what we are doing in our back yard.


We are creating flower beds.  SO this past weekend was spent cutting sod, rolling and placing on a trailer for friends to take to their yard.  The rest of the sod that they did not need, we turned over and are patiently waiting for it to die.  PATIENTLY!

Our plans are to curb the flower beds and then fill with healthy sod.  After that process, we will be planting a garden of flowers and plants that are completely native to our area.  Trying to use less water, and be true to our environment.

We are excited, but this is a great amount of work.

The other plans, I will have to tell you at a much later date.

What are you planning in your own gardens?



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