Weekend Update

Oh it was a pleasant weekend.  Our Saturday was full of activity with baseball games, a rodeo and then dinner with friends.  On Sunday, we woke up thinking it was early, but when we looked at the clock it said 10!  Church started at 1030!  We decided not to rush, and I am so glad we made that decision.


We made yummy sour dough pancakes and potatoes together.



I had a very productive day cooking for the month.  Made so many casseroles to freeze.  Still working on some breakfast ideas.  My son is going to help me today and I am so excited about it!



But as the day drew on, my kids begged me to have a fire outside so we could roast hot dogs.  Hanging out around the fire pit is truly one of our favorite activities.  The kids love telling stories, roasting hot dogs and marshmallows.

But somehow, we decided that having a water gun fight we add to the fun.  I have no pictures of this part, as I wanted to participate.  Who wouldn’t want to spray their kids in the face?  We played until 9pm, a perfect summer day!

However, the next day, I quickly realized why we slept in so long the day before.  A stomach bug swept through the house in the early morning hours.  Yuck!

But, we were blessed with a wonderful Sunday, that will stay in our memories forever.

Hope you all had a great weekend, with plenty of fun and rest.



2 thoughts on “Weekend Update

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    1. We are all doing much better now, thanks. I am happy we had such a wonderful day before it struck!

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