Live Life


It has been a busy summer so far, and it is about to get busier.  Why do we always think summer will slow down?

This is how I am trying to take it slower:  by being in the moment completely.  No matter the task, just giving all of my attention to it and trying to savor the moment that I am in.

My mind has a tendency to wander to another task while I am working on one already.  We call this multi tasking, and while I have always been good at it, I find that whatever my hands finds to do, it is done half way.  It is not done with my heart.

I want to live this life, not rush by and rushing my kids in the process.

I want to teach them to live.

Today, they pulled weeds, and many may think this is not something fun, or a way to live.  But it is a way that I am teaching my children to love the moment. Let me explain.  If they can learn to take pleasure even in the mundane, if they can learn to enjoy whatever work they are doing then they will learn to appreciate and love life.  They will be happy in whatever their hand finds to do.

My kids grumbled while finding a bag to place weeds in.  They put their shoes on angrily and stomped outside.  I left them to their work.  I have shown them many times what to find when pulling weeds.  To not be afraid to get their hands dirty.  I went to work on hanging the clothes to dry, a task that I have learned to love and actually look forward to.  Suddenly, I heard laughter, and as I peaked around the corner, I found joy.

Ah.  Joy.

Find joy in whatever you do today.



4 thoughts on “Live Life

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  1. What an inspirational post. Thank you… pride in what you do, every moment of every day that you live doing ANYTHING is a gift. I try to teach my daughter the same thing (Little Man will come soon). They will grumble now, but they will thank you one day!

    1. Absolutely right. All things are a gift. It is about changing ones mindset. Thank you for stopping by!

    1. I did take that picture last year in the mountains, after a rain storm. Thank you so much for the compliment!

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