Off on an Adeventure


My two men are off on an adventure for a week.  They left at 4 am this morning, but before they left I made them a huge breakfast and took pictures. I get so excited for their Boy Scout trips together. This is a time when they get to hang out with one another, get to know each other more and bond.  The camp is not in our home state this year, but instead in Wyoming near the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone.  Absolutely beautiful and the perfect place to experience just the two of them.  I cannot wait to hear their stories when they return.  Will they see a grizzly bear?  Will Oldest Bit learn more about bravery and courage from his dad?  Will they have stories that only they can know?  I hope for all these things, but I will miss them desperately.

Middle and Little Bits are staying with me this week, and we will have stories to tell all our own.  I am excited to have this opportunity too.  Excited to make our own camp out in our house.  To experience the outdoors on the local level. To have secret stories that we can look back on and laugh about.

I hope all of you are creating wonderful stories with your families this summer.  Enjoying every minute together.

Have a wonderful day everyone!




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