Pictures of our Small Homestead


My son took the camera again the other day while I was gardening.  I think he may have a calling/passion that I want to help cultivate.  As you can see, our garden is growing well, and we are enjoying it immensely.  I am seriously looking forward to having fresh tomatoes on my fresh salad!  But I must wait.

Our bees are doing really well this year! This week, I will be checking them, and hopefully, the inside looks as healthy as seeing them fly around all day!

I will be harvesting my first batch of raspberries.  We have been eating them off our bush all week, and still have so many.  Love raspberries!

I think the only thing left out are the chickens.  They are doing well, and we are getting four to six eggs a day, so all the people at church are being supplied with fresh eggs as are we.

This summer has been great for our small homestead, if you can even call it that.  In the evenings, our family comes together and gardens, walks and plays.  I love summer!

I hope you all are having a great time this summer and your gardens are growing well!



3 thoughts on “Pictures of our Small Homestead

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  1. What a beautiful home! We are officially starting our homestead this year. I love looking at other homesteaders’ homes, gives me great ideas… 🙂

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