Good old Country Pond Swimming


Oh summer!  I love you!  You are the only time of year when I feel brave.  When I feel like I can jump in creeks and ponds and not be afraid of what is lurking underneath.  Water beckons us all in the summer to come and jump in, feel refreshed and renewed. To do belly flops and accidental back flops when trying to do a front flip.  To swing on ropes and feel like kids again.  We are filling our kids with these good memories of summer as well, with trips, ponds, staying up until the sun goes down.  Just I like do now, my kids will one day look back on their summers and think about how wonderful they were.  These feelings make me feel brave to experience every single part of this summer with them, even when it means grabbing onto a rope and swinging into a pond.

Here is wishing you days that seem to go on forever!



4 thoughts on “Good old Country Pond Swimming

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  1. Now that looks like fun! My brother has a big swimming pond, but we haven’t been over yet this summer. We must remedy that soon.

  2. Thanks for the posting of your Michigan vacation! I love the pictures. The one of Maggie flipping off the board is great. I wouldn’t trade that swimming hole for a cement pond in a million years!

    1. My kids are still talking about your pond! They wish they had one here! Thank you so much for the good times. We had a blast!

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