My Garden is Overflowing!


It has been a crazy week in the garden, which means a crazy week in the kitchen!  I have been braiding onions, pickling peppers, making kale chips and canning jams.

I love it and I feel so accomplished after the whirlwind is over.  I know that in two days, another frantic kitchen episode will take place, but there is something extremely satisfying about preserving your own food. 

Our tomatoes are not doing so well unfortunately.  We grow such great tomatoes out here in the west because of the heat and sunshine.  However, our weather has been so mild and rainy this year that our tomatoes are not producing to what we are used to.  We love making salsas, spaghetti sauce and canning whole tomatoes, but this year so far, we have picked a total of twenty tomatoes!  Usually we are swimming in them.  I am not complaining about the rain, definitely not!  Or the mild temps for that matter, but I would like some tomatoes!

More than anything, I love how our entire family gets into gardening together.  The kids love to help, and if they decide that playing seems more fun, they love to see what we have created in the kitchen.  I look forward to their excitement over trying the raspberry jam, or an eggplant lasagna.  Never would they try eggplant on its own, but somehow in lasagna it is exotic, and knowing it came from our garden is exciting.

I hope that you all our having a great harvest and good times with your family as well.

Have a great day!



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