It is the Little Things

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Many times, we look for the big and miraculous to say we have been blessed.  But truly it is the small and seemingly unimportant that are the miracles.  As I look back at the simple, but awesome summer our family had, I realize this even more.  It was the everyday, that truly were miracles.

The witness of a colt being born, the holding of my daughters hand, the laughs with my sons, the work with my husband, a dear friend getting married.  All events can be seen as everyday things, but looked at individually are miracles.

The colt, a miracle because I have never witnessed a birth of a colt take place.  A miracle because the mom let me talk to her and touch her baby even though she had no clue who I was.  A miracle because I was able to teach my children important lessons about nature.  Simple yet miraculous.

My daughter holding my had because she wants to.  Simple to most, yet a miracle for me.  A miracle because it has taken a long time to get to this point.  A miracle because 4 years ago she would yell she hated me.  A miracle because she is family even with our cultural differences.

Laughter with the boys because they are growing so much!  A miracle because they are tweens who still want to laugh and hang out with their momma!

Work with my husband is a miracle because we can work together and love one another even when we fight or are not doing something the right way.  A miracle because we have this house we can work on together.  A miracle because we an work with our hands.

Friends getting married is always a miracle.  The miracle of love that reminds us of the reason my husband and I love.  A miracle to see eyes right for the promises made and the love to develop more.

Miracles of the simple, and every day.  Today your day will be made up of miracles.  What will they be?  What miracles has your summer been made up of?



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