He Turned 40!!!


The love of my life turned forty a week and a half ago.  He usually just goes hunting for the week, but I thought he deserved a party as well.  Besides you only turn forty once, and he has been so tremendously patient and loving with me since my depression hit hard.

In our little mountain town, there is a cinema that shows foreign and off the wall movies.  This is a small venue that only seats 30, and I found out it can been rented to watch a movie that you bring.  I thought this would be perfect!  We invited the friends that have been closest to us for years, and rented his favorite movie from college, and I cooked!  Boy did I cook!  I made pulled pork, baked potato salad and baked beans.  Of course there was salad, because you have to be healthy!  I made a homemade raspberry vinaigrette from raspberries I picked from our garden.

I did not want to girl it up too much, so I got party favors that would work well with men.  Cigars, and little bottles of scotch.  Now, we are a family who does not splurge on things of this nature, but you know, when you turn forty, you got to give up your health craze for at least a day.

He had a great time, and I got to celebrate the most wonderful man I know, next to my daddy of course.  Watch a dumb comedy, with friends and good food, really a truly great way to help my husband ring in his 40’s.  This will be a great decade babe!

Happy Birthday!  Thank you for marrying me and supporting me through this crazy life!

Love you!


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