What are They up To?


I knew the minute I saw Middle and Little Bits with rakes that it was not for work.  With so many leafs on the ground, how could they resist the temptation?  On this day, the sun was shining and bringing warmth to the ground after a very chilly night.  And there they were with rake in hand pulling the leafs closer into a big pile.  Even the dogs were anticipating the fun about to take place.  And I could not resist the urge to go and take pictures.

These two bicker so much, but on this day, they put their bickering aside to laugh together.  This is why we homeschool, to bring our family closer together in love and laughter, to come together as a team.  Some days are better than others, and this was a great day.

Hope you are all enjoying your fall weather!



4 thoughts on “What are They up To?

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  1. Such joy! Yeah, my daughter let herself get buried neck high this passed week-end. She just loves the leaves! They are falling quickly now here, like drops of rain from the branches. Like soft thick colorful snow… Won’t be long before the trees are bare, so jump in! Such a fleeting time of year.

    1. Truly is fleeting. I see the mountains bright red, and I think to myself everyday, I need to go up there. Then the day is gone, and you can see the mountains a little less bright. Today, maybe today is the day.

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