This Week in my Kitchen-Casserole Making

Joining Heather From Beauty that Moves for her weekly kitchen blog hop.


This week I was busy creating casseroles to place in our freezer.  It seems that full school year schedule is upon us, and making dinners everyday is not part of the schedule.  I want to make sure there is no excuse to eat out!  Waste of money and health.  We have so much from our garden and chickens, so I made egg casseroles, eggplant lasagna, my husbands favorite casserole (which is also what it is called), macaroni and cheese, the list goes on and on.  We are stocked up through October and then some.  On the days casserole will not be served, I have plenty of ingredients for soup which is so perfect to have this time of year.

I look forward to seeing what you all are doing in your kitchens!



4 thoughts on “This Week in my Kitchen-Casserole Making

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    1. I really love cooking pulled porks and ground beefs to freeze as well. Pulled pork can be made quickly into yummy sandwiches or put over salads. Ground beef can be used for the pasta dishes you speak of, sloppy joes and tacos. Having these on hand always help!

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