Leiria, Portugal


This trip has been a whirlwind so far, but over the past 24 hours, I have had time to settle and get my bearings.  It started with a long drive to Oklahoma in freezing temperatures. These temperatures were in the negative digits, with wind chills of negative 20.  It was very, very cold.  My husband and I dropped the kids off at grandma and grandpa’s and off we went.  We landed in Madrid and drove 7 hours to Leiria, Portugal. We could have chosen to land in Lisbon and then drive only 2 hours, but where is the adventure in that?  Besides, we may never make it to this part of the world again, so we wanted to see as much land as possible.  We will be spending a couple of days in Madrid on our way home, so I am excited to show you some of Spain as well.

But right now, we are in Portugal, and let me tell you, the drive was the most beautiful!  I have no pictures, because I spent most of it fighting motion sickness.  But the towns are so amazing, and there was one on the slope of a mountain that was the most incredible town!  I hate to say it, but it even outdid some of the towns in Italy.  I was so grateful that we chose to drive, as I would never have seen these towns otherwise.  To find out some more history of Leiria, please click here.  My husband is here on business, so I am by myself during most of this trip, but we will be driving to Fatima, Nazarre, and Port.

Today, I decided to walk along the river Liz, which basically flows down the middle of Leiria.  I wanted to get my bearings and get a sense of the layout of the town.  SO the pictures today are of the river, as well as the view from the rooftop of our hotel at night.  I love the old homes that line the river.  I also love the amount of people that walk.  I get a sense that not much is urgent.  Work will be there, but enjoy where you are now.  The people are so friendly, and willing to help you learn some of their language.  The architecture so amazing, the churches are beautiful.

Tomorrow, I plan to venture to the castle and see some more churches along the way (Danny that is for you!).  Looing forward to showing you more of this amazing country!



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