Fatima Portugal

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Have you heard of these miracles?  Three children in 1917 received visions from Mary, the mother of Jesus, along with three prophecies. We had the opportunity to visit this Holy sight yesterday.  It has been so rainy and cold here the past few days, and yesterday was no exception, but we still ventured out.  My husband and his coworker had a few hours before they had to go into work yesterday, so I was fortunate enough to see this amazing sight with them.  I must tell you that I am not Catholic, my husband is, but I had the sense of holiness there.  It moved me to tears.

the first pictures are of the small village church where the children were baptized and grew up.  It is still a regular church with people saying morning prayers.  I am so grateful we started here.  So simple, humble and lovely.

The next few are of the actual site where the children received their visions.  Instead of being a field where they once shepherded, it is now a large monument and church.  Yes, it is ornate, but it still maintains its simplicity somehow.  Unfortunately the main church was closed for renovations, but the newer modern chapel was open and this side honored the life of Pope John Paul, who was directly related to one of the prophecies.

I do not have any incredible or profound thoughts on this controversial miracle.  But I can honestly say how amazing it was to be there, how I felt a sense of hope and love that I have only felt in one other church, St. Francis of Assisi.  Both were of humble origins, expressing love and peace.  Even if you are not a believer or a Catholic, this is a must see in your life.

Tomorrow, I will have more on Nazarre, where the monster wave takes place!  A great story to tell!

Love to you all!


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