Cold Weather Camping

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My husband and boys went camping over the weekend in frigid temperatures.  The low was 5 degrees.  Downright cold.  The boys scout troop that they are a part of tries to go on an overnight once a month, but the grown ups conveniently forget about it in the winter months.  This year, all the boys involved desperately wanted to go and worked diligently on making it happen, they just needed to get the grown ups on board.  All their hard work finally paid off, and of they went to the mountains, in frigid temperatures, bundled as tightly as can be.

Unfortunately, Middle Bit got sick at about 9pm, so I get a phone call to come and pick him up.  They had to hike back to the road, and meet me half way, then my husband went back to camp with the others.  My husband is definitely a trooper, and I am so glad I went to pick up Middle Bit.  The flu is no fun to have in the snow!

I am so happy the kids had this opportunity, and it looks like they all had fun.  Although, I do not know if they will be doing this again anytime soon!

Hope you are all having a wonderful day!



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    1. I will admit, that it did appeal to me for a split second. Then I saw the temperature of 3 degrees when I went to pick me son up. I quickly changed my mind! I do hope you find someone to camp with!

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