These Three

2014-12-24 22.05.04

As I was looking through all my photos yesterday, I saw this one.  A picture of all three of my children, together, smiling and acolyting at the Christmas eve service.  This was the first time Little Bit had been an acolyte, and she was really excited.  The older bits were giving her all sorts of wisdom.  “Make sure you hold the candle straight.”  Make sure you walk slowly down the isle, but not too slowly.”  Seeing them working together was so cool, and brought a tear to my eye during midnight mass.  It also brought a tear to my eye, seeing the candle get dangerously close to our Deacon as he was reading the Gospel.

But seeing them all up there, having a wonderful time on Christmas day, just made our time more special, and made me realize I am coming to a different phase in parenting now.  I am a parent to three older children.  Oh this makes me nervous.  Nervous and excited at what is to come.

Hope you guys are having a wonderful day!



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