Gold! I Wish!


Just before Christmas, we had unusually warm temperatures. The highs were near 50 and the evening lows were mid to upper thirties.  It was very nice!  The kids loved this time, and could not get enough outdoors.  The night we bought our tree was one of the warmest nights.  It felt strange buying a tree without a coat on, but we did, and found that we bought the most crooked tree in the lot.  It did not look crooked when we were picking it out, but honestly wondered why it was cheap, considering how full and beautiful it looked.  We should have paid attention.  So Mr. Bit and I had to do some engineering on the tree outside before we could place it in our house.

While we working on the tree and drinking a beer, which probably should not have been done together, the kids decided to play in their sandbox.  I turned to look and it reminded me of scenes from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.  When all the kids were working under ground as slaves.  They had sectioned off the whole sandbox, so our dog Happy would not get in.  She likes to chase shovels, as well as the dirt being thrown.  They had tiki torches lit, and shovels out.  They said it was a mine and they were working hard to find gold.  Man, I wish they had found some, it would have really helped, and we could have found a less crooked of tree!

I loved seeing them in the middle of December having so much fun outside!  The whole evening added to the fun of our Christmas experience.  It will be one of those memories we can look back  on and remember that Christmas with the really crooked tree and the warm night when the kids dug for gold!

Hope you are all having a wonderful day!



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