The Year of Betty-Trailer Restoration

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Betty, my vintage 1964 trailer, has bee sitting patiently for me for almost a year.  I have gone in to visit, but have had no time to give her the TLC she deserves.  Too many projects that needed my attention other than her.  Betty, I am sorry!  It is time for me to give you love and attention again.  Yesterday, I went in to our shop, and listened to her, what her needs are and how she wants to be made into a beautiful, useful trailer again.

I started on the louvered windows yesterday, and also taking stock of what can be salvaged.  I am excited!

This is year is all about Betty.  I am looking forward to sharing with all of you my adventures in restoring this lovely trailer.  More to come…



8 thoughts on “The Year of Betty-Trailer Restoration

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  1. Suzy,
    Make sure the trailers undercarriage, axles, bearings and frame are all lubed and not rusted thru & worthy of all your creative efforts.
    Also now is good time to run all the new wiring and plumbing if any, prior to insulation and veneer.
    In 1970 I had a little 12′ Shasta and loved it. I can’t wait to see Betty when she’s done working with you.

    1. We are going all the way down to the frame and it will be powder coated. It is quite the undertaking as there was lots of rot. Betty was sitting in a field not covered for years. But all the appliances work. Would love to talk more about you Shasta!

  2. You’re doing a really extensive remodel! The progress looks great so far. Do you know much about the history of these JET Travel Trailers? I just purchased a 1966 JET, crafted by Lofgren’s SLC Utah. I think this was a very small company, so I’m having a hard time finding information about the JET on the internet. I’m hoping that the make/model is somewhat rare, because I like to think it ads to the character of each one!

    I look forward to following your progress, as I gear up to remodel my own!

    1. Hi Hayley. I am so glad you found the blog. Our project has been a long one due to lack of time, but I have enjoyed what we have done so far. There is not too much info about the Jet company. You are right in saying that it was very small, and from what I understand they are quite rare. I love the style of the trailer. Would love to know more about your progress. Please email me at We can keep in better touch with one another and possibly gather ideas!

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