A Truly Awesome Gift

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My son is a history buff, and everyone who know him, knows they can talk about any war, and he will gab your ear off.  His specialty are the World Wars.  We have a friend at church who has garages full of antiques and vintage items.  In fact, I will be helping him really soon to downsize, which means a lot of getting dirty.  I love it!  Cannot wait to see all of the treasures!  But that is a different topic.

As I was assessing his garages, he pulled out a blue box that said WWII  Newspapers.  He handed me the box and said he wanted to loan these to me for my son to read.  I knew my son would immediately be excited, but I had no idea how excited I would be until I got home and opened the box.  These are in pristine condition newspapers with all the major headlines during the duration of the war.  I had to supervise my child while reading the newspapers, and I even went as far as turning the pages for him.  My friend gave this box to borrow, and I was terrified!

This past weekend, I saw him at church and told him that I had his newspapers.  He took my son and I aside and said, “I am giving you these newspapers.”  Then he looked at my son and continued, “I want you to learn how to care for paper and how to store them safely.  I am 69 years old, and when you are 69 years old I want you to be able to give them to another.”

My son was speechless and so was I.  But now, my son is all about learning more on how to care for these newspapers.  I am totally enjoying watching him love the stories, and appreciate this gift for what it is.  A truly awesome one!  I think he may have the antiquing gene!

Hope you are all having a great time pickin’!



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