Thumbs are Important

Warning, pictures may be disturbing!

I had every intention of blogging last week, and then as always life happens, and you find yourself a week later recovering from a long week.  We had so many activities last week with basketball, music lessons, school and my son cutting off the tip of his thumb.

Wait, what?  Did you say cut off the tip of his thumb?

You are correct, I did say this.

Last Tuesday, he was cutting a block of cheese.  This is an activity that he does on a daily basis, but this day, I was not watching.  He was holding the cheese with his left hand and cutting with a knife, not a cheese knife, a regular knife with his right hand.  As he was cutting towards himself, the knife went faster than he expected, and sliced the fleshy part of his thumb off.

He screamed, I looked, then I quickly covered it up with a huge wad of paper towels, and told him not to look at it again! We ran to the car, and I quickly drove to the ER.

The doctors decided to try and reattach the piece, but referred us to a specialist.  So last week quickly filled with doctors appointments and trying to console and love on my middle bit. The specialist warned us that the finger did not look good, and the coming week might include a surgery and skin grafting if the finger continued to look the way it did.  Poor guy woke up on Thursday to a completely black thumb tip, and started to cry because this was the sign of surgery.  I hugged him and explained that sometimes we have to do things we do not want to do, but his thumb will be fixed and he will have a great story to tell later on in life.

However, on Saturday, the unexpected began to happen.  His thumb actually started to turn pink!! This means it is healing!  We have an appointment tomorrow for final words as to what will happen, but truly this is a positive turn of events, and we are all hopeful he will not need surgery or skin grafting done.  Even if he does, I am so thankful he has a thumb, a he is a healthy boy who loves life, and still loves to cook.  It could have been so much worse!

Hope you do not mind the pictures, they are mainly for family to see the progress!

P.S.  I told him that of all the ER visits we have had, and with two active boys, there have been a few,  this ranks as the most gruesome!

2015-01-20 14.40.182015-01-22 22.09.572015-01-24 21.38.56

4 thoughts on “Thumbs are Important

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    1. Ha! What is really funny is that he says the same thing. “Mom I cut the cheese and my finger!” Well apparently my oldest cut the block of cheese down to nothing when we left, but he admitted to still using the same knife. Baffling!

  1. He’s a tough one, that middle bit. And apparently a good healer. His Uncle Goldie actually amputated the tip of one finger with a saw – working on the boat of course. He says he felt stupid about doing it, buy it didn’t deter him from years of working on boats. And I bet you and your folks never even noticed it. BTW, I bought new knives for this boat trip and they terrify me.

    1. Nope, never noticed his finger! I have a feeling that this incident will not deter Middle Bit as well! And you be careful with those knives!

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