February is filled with birthdays for our family.  It seems like once a week, at least, there is a birthday.  This weekend alone, there were 5, 2 of which were in our own home.  I celebrated on the dreaded Friday the 13th, which honestly is not dreaded at all, and my daughter celebrated on Monday.  We had so much fun!  On Friday, my husband took me to see Swan Lake.  Oh my goodness, it was lovely. Little Bit celebrated with cake, ice cream and presents.  We had a blast seeing her open and enjoy her birthday.  Funny note, when you see the small cake with the big candle, it is because I forgot to buy candles for her cake!  I do not claim to be the perfect mom, who remembers every single detail!  In fact these past weeks were so busy, that I did not even buy her gift until the day she opened her gifts!  And you know what?  The earth did not melt away, nor did it end, nor did she even care!  She still had a glow and smile on her face, and that is what matters!

I hope you all had a pleasant three day weekend.  I know it was hard for us to wake and face reality again!

Love to you all,


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    1. Thank you! Swan Lake is absolutely beautiful and I think I may have cried a couple of times. I have been doing that a lot lately!

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