Pinewood Derby


My Middle Bit had his last Pinewood Derby with the Cub Scouts last night, and he went out in style!  For the past five years or so, I have been in charge of helping him cut his car, place the weights on it, help him decorate and put the wheels on.  This year was a little different.  As always, we have the kids design their car, paint and do most of the work, but he had the help of his dad this time.  I will admit that I know very little, and care very little, about the amount of weight, how the wheels roll and do not rub etc. I will say that I have done pretty well for the past five years using the table saw, and trying to help as much as I can.  But there is something about Dad, and the help he can give in this situation that I just could not give this time around.  I am so happy because Middle Bit came in second overall for speed, losing by just milliseconds.

I got to hear the story because I was stuck at home with the flu.  But the excitement he had in his voice and eyes made me so happy that he got to have his last Pinewood Derby a success.  It is so special when father and son get to share in these moments, and since I am sick, I am even more emotional!  I think I may have even shed a tear over the derby.

Hope you are all having a good week of health and love.


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