Good Morning


Hello everyone!  My name is Suzy and welcome to this blog.  I feel like I must re-introduce myself, and explain my absence.  But, I have decided not to explain, just start fresh.  There are times when life just seems silent, and one must be silent to hear and be present and I have been in that place of silence lately.

We have been enjoying the beautiful weather lately.  As I watch the east coast get hammered with storm after storm, the West has been unseasonably warm and very dry.  The dry is not a good thing, but the warm and sunshine has been so welcome.  We actually planted lettuce, potatoes and onions the last week of February.  I cannot remember a winter in which we could do that.  I do hope we get more moisture as we live in a high desert and a winter with no snow always means a summer with no water.  Not good for gardens. I did read that we are supposed to be hotter than normal, but more rain than normal this summer.  I will gladly accept the warmth if there is rain.  Let’s hope the almanac is right.

We have been plugging along with school, and feeling the stress of the end of the year approaching.  We have two week long trips planned in the upcoming weeks.  One to Las Vegas and the other to San Francisco to see my sister and her family.  We are super excited about the trips, but know that it means the kids will not keep up with school as much as they need to.  But go on trips is part of their education, and we decided long ago that as homeschoolers, we will travel.  So, we will embrace each experience.

Basketball season is over, and now we will gain our evenings back, until baseball begins.  I love baseball season though.  It means we get to sit outside and soak up the sun.

My silence has been filled with activities and life.  But, I am ready to write again.  I feel as though writing it good for my soul, it helps me to remember and reflect, and I am so ready to be back amongst my cyber friends again.  I look forward to seeing what you all have been up to and catching up with you again.

Hello, and good morning to you all.



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  1. I am so glad you have begun to write again. I suffer from times in my life where I simply withdraw into my close friends and family and put every thing else aside. I don’t discard it but bring it back when I can handle it or desire it again. This is what keeps me sane, it’s what I need every now and then.
    Always know when you haven’t written, I still am thinking fondly of you and Mat and all the other Bits.
    So glad for your words and news of the Miller family.

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