Yarn Along-Haven’t Gotten Far

2015-01-13 22.32.09

Joining Small Things for Yarn Along

The last time I posted for yarn along, I was on the same project.  A brown and green afghan for my son.  I must say that I have only gotten four rows done on his blanket!  Not doing so well.  I have all these great excuses:  I am not inspired by the colors he chose, I started a quilt in the meantime, I have been sick (which would have been easy to do while lying in bed), the weather has been gorgeous and I have been working on my garden.  But the reality is, I simply have not wanted to work on it. I have decided that this is the week to get going on it again, and I will finish it!  I will!

The Mitford series books have not disappointed!  I absolutely love them!  I am now on the fourth book, which is not pictured.  When a friend of mine read the last post she said she would let me borrow the others in the series.  Thank you friend it truly made my day!

Looking forward to seeing what you all are up to!



2 thoughts on “Yarn Along-Haven’t Gotten Far

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  1. I understand – I have projects that totally inspire me and others that are acts of discipline and nothing more. Good luck, you can do it! Perhaps have something you really WANT to work on and reward yourself for the less inspiring work by working on the fun one?
    I read the Mitford books years ago and loved them. I should probably go back and revisit them one of these days!

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