The pictures above were all taken by my kids for their stop action movie.  Pretty cool!

My kids absolutely love Lego.  And this past weekend, we took them to a train show in our town to see a Lego display.  A man whom my husband works with is a Master Lego Builder, and runs a local Lego Club in the big city we live close to, had made the display.  The display was of an aircraft carrier, surrounded by a train.  The aircraft carrier had more than 40,000 pieces in it and was designed by himself.  This changed my kids world!  I do not think they will ever be the same again!

The man told us of a local Lego convention coming in May for teenagers and adults.  If you register, you can build your own Lego Mock and enter it into a competition.  This made my teenagers ears perk right up, and since then, he and a friend have been working on designs.  This convention has consumed his thoughts, and I am actually really excited for him. What a great way to homeschool without really homeschooling.  He is learning how to design on graph paper, collaborate with a friend, create new ideas, and basically learn architectural skills.  Funny how there are opportunities to learn so much more outside of school.

The other two are not left out of this.  They have been building scenes and making stop action movies. Funny how a toy as simple as Lego can help kids work together and use their creativity in ways that are so beneficial to every day life.

Hope you are all enjoying your week and finding your own creativity!



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