Life Can Be Full of Messes


This weekend was a very busy and messy weekend.  My husband had to work this weekend, and I do not know why I do this to myself every time, I schedule lots of events.  The women’s group at our church planned a luncheon for the women of the congregation.  So, Friday I was cooking and putting together all we needed for table set up, etc.  The event was all day on Saturday, and then that night, we invited over a friend of the boys to spend the night.  I was expecting Sunday to be restful, but what I am quickly finding out is to never have expectations.

I woke up to a mess of epic proportions.  The boys did indeed have fun on Saturday.  Come to find out, they drank two unopened bottles of lemonade!  Apparently had a pillow fight, dumped a basket of clean clothes, and thankfully placed the clothes back in the basket, but did not fold them.  I slept through it all!  I must have been tired from the event on Saturday, but geez!  You would have thought I could hear all the craziness going on in the room next door.  I am glad they had a great time, and spent most of Sunday riding bikes and exploring some of the canals near our house.  The boys fell asleep at 8pm last night and slept through.

But the biggest mess of all happened when my husbands side of the closet completely collapsed.  All of his clothes lying in a heap of a mess on the floor.  All of his work shirts needing to be re-ironed.  I rearranged my side to fit all of his clothes, and praying that my side does not fall into a heap now!  The shelving apparently was not secured into studs whenever it was put in by the people before us, so it just tore out of the wall.  I spent yesterday ironing and rearranging, and cleaning up messes.

But hey, if this is all that happens, we are doing pretty darn good.  These messes can be cleaned, and even with all the activities, we still had a wonderful time being with friends.

Hope your weekend was good!



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