Cookies, Pennies and St Patrick’s Day


So we have had quite a fun week with science.  Last week, Oldest Bit was learning about cell splitting, or more specifically, mitosis.  He saw a fun activity in his book that would require him to make cookies, frost them and use sprinkles do demonstrate mitosis.  Well, we could not pass up this opportunity to have frosted cookies.  I made oatmeal cookies and buttercream frosting the night before, then surprised them with the activity for breakfast.  Each of them had to recreate a cell splitting and explain the process before they could eat.  Let’s just say, I was the coolest mom ever.

Last night, Middle Bit noticed the water he spilled on his place mat created a little dome and was not soaking in to the mat.  This reminded me of an experiment I did when I taught sixth grade on surface tension and the properties of water.  You take a dropper and a penny.  Then slowly drip one drop at a time to see how many drops of water you can fit onto the penny.  Last night the record was 33, before the water came spilling off the side. We then had an impromptu lesson on ionic and covalent bonding.  Love these spur of the moment lessons.

Finally, my Little Bit woke up with no green on, so she was pinched.  She was amazed at my green eggs and ham.  This was magical, and I told my boys not to give away my secret of food coloring just yet.  We will let her think her mom is magical for a little while longer.

Hope you are all having a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day!



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