Outdoor Kitchen

Our outdoor kitchen has mad quite a bit of progress since I last posted and I wanted to share it with you all.

The last time I gave you an update, it looked like this:


The cinder blocks were laid and the counter was being framed out.  It was the summer and it was hot!  While we were in Portugal, we had a handyman come over and tile the counter.  So, the kitchen tile was covered all winter long to avoid to many elements affecting them all at once.  Thank goodness it turned out to be such a mild winter for us, because we have been able to stucco the kitchen and insert the grill.


We have placed barn wood around the grill to finish off that area.  We are going to use the rest of the old barnwood to make doors for the two openings you see on your left.  The opening furthest to the lest will have an ice box, then the other opening is for the sink drains.


This is the sink that will be placed on top of the counter instead of being an insert.  We thought it would add some visual to what might instead be a completely flat surface.  Plus, I love the sink.  It is a black onyx sink we picked up from the want adds.  The person redid their house, and had one too many of these fancy and durable sinks.  What would cost $300 brand new, only cost us $60! That’s right!  60 bucks!

In the unfinished corner, we are going to poor concrete.  This will be the future home of our pizza/bread oven.  I say future because we cannot afford to build one this year, but the concrete will be poured so it will not look unfinished for another year.


Finally, we had a small area that we planned to place a little charcoal grill on.  We found these southwestern tiles that were perfect to fill the space so it would not just be bare concrete.


So there is the kitchen so far.  Not done, but very close!  This whole patio has been a five year project.  Little by little it has become a great place to entertain.  When the kitchen is complete, I will do a post on the patio so you can see what it looks like.  When we moved in, it was the past owners garden, and we instead saw relaxation!

Hope you are all doing well! And getting ready to enjoy your outdoor space!



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